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July 13 & 14, 2024
Field Provincials - Outdoor range
Register by July 4, 2024 using 2M with the following links:

Target & Field (both): https://2mev.com/#!/series/2024-saa-outdoor-provincial-target-field-championships

Target Only: https://2mev.com/#!/events/2024-saa-outdoor-provincial-target-championship

Field Only: https://2mev.com/#!/events/2024-saa-outdoor-provincial-field-championship

    Schedule of Events for Provincials:

    Friday July 12th 2024
    5 - 7 pm Registration & Equipment Inspection
    5 - 7 pm Practice Field open

    Saturday July 13th 2024
    8 - 9 am Registration & Equipment Inspection
    8 - 9 am Practice Field open
    9:00 am Opening Ceremonies
    9:30 am Target Round 1
    1:00 pm Target Round 2
    3:30 pm Awards
    5:00 pm Practice Field closed

    Sunday July 14th 2024
    8 - 9:30 am Registration & Equipment Inspection
    8 - 9:30 am Practice Field open
    10:00 am Field Round
    3:30 pm Awards & Closing

    Location: Thunderhead Outdoor Archery range (Google Maps)
    10 km east of Delisle #766 & 3080

Forms & Scoresheets:

Scott's Shootout - Outdoor Edition: Scott's Shootout - Indoor Edition:

Scott's Shootout

A Double Elimination Fun Shoot with Handicap Scoring

Handicap elimination scoring is a method used in archery competitions to even out the playing field between competitors of different skill levels. In this scoring system, each archer is given a handicap score based on their skill level. This handicap score is added to their actual score at the end of the round.

For example, if an archer with a handicap score of 5 shoots a score of 80, their total score for that round would be 85 (80 + 5). Meanwhile, an archer with a handicap score of 0 who shoots a score of 80 would have a total score of 80.

The handicap scores are determined based on an archer's previous performances in competitions or rounds. The idea is to give less experienced or less skilled archers a chance to compete on a more level playing field with more experienced or skilled archers.

As the competition progresses, the archers with the lowest total scores (actual score + handicap score) are eliminated until a winner is determined. This scoring system helps to create a more exciting and competitive environment in archery competitions, and it also allows archers of all skill levels to participate and enjoy the sport.

Archer's Gauntlet Fun Shoot

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